Individual Psychotherapy & Holistic Life Coaching in Charlotte, NC

Brooke is a progressive thinker who utilizes traditional psychotherapy modalities and transformational coaching techniques in working with client's personal dynamics. She believes that coaching and therapy are not mutually exclusive. When used together, they can best get to the sources of core issues while focusing on action, accountability and follow through for optimal results.

During the first session, Brooke will come to understand what it is that you really want, things such as more peace, love, health or balance in your life. From the point of understanding where the work is going, you will begin a co-created journey of deep inquisition designed to identify barriers and illuminate the invisible subconscious forces that have been preventing you from fully experiencing your most joyful life.

Following each appointment, integration work is provided in order to extend the work beyond the session.

Brooke Osterhoudt is committed to creating a safe, inclusive environment designed to move through and transform occurrences such as depression, anxiety, addictions, grief and general stuckness or stagnation. These are just a few human experiences that catalyze the need for this work. Brooke truly looks forward to the opportunity to be a support partner on your journey.

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy consists of a series of techniques for treating mental health and emotional disorders within a confidential, professional relationship. This treatment is aimed at the elimination of a client's suffering and the facilitation of change in a client's life to feel better, make positive changes and enjoy life more fully. Psychotherapy is often also referred to as Counseling or Therapy. I may use techniques such as CBT, DBT, Narrative Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, or Internal Family Systems (IFS). I also offer EMDR which can be used to eliminate painful side effects, such as depression and anxiety, that result from big and little traumas such as physical or sexual abuse, death, grief, loss, breakups or addiction.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is focused on improving health, quality of life, and more satisfying relationships utilizing holistic approaches to healing. Coaching is goal and action oriented. Coaches help clients acquire a clearer picture of their potential, gifts, life and career purpose. Coaching provides a path to grow quickly with support, guidance and partnership along the way.

Who Would Benefit From This Work?

  • People who long to move beyond painful choices and behaviors
  • People who want to discover and live their life purpose
  • People who need insight into unproductive behavioral patterns
  • People who desire growth and transformation
  • People who feel "stuck" and want to change something in their life
  • People who want to improve their career path
  • People who desire improved relationships & healthy intimacy
  • People who feel like something is missing from their lives
  • People who need support and vision through transitions
  • People who are ready to experience emotional clarity
  • People who want to develop a deeper self-love: mind, body, spirit