Individual Psychotherapy & Holistic Life Coaching

During the first session, Brooke will come to understand what it is that you really want, things such as more peace, love, health or balance in your life. From the point of understanding where the work is going, you will begin a co-created journey of deep inquisition designed to identify barriers and illuminate the invisible subconscious forces that have been preventing you from fully experiencing your most joyful life.

Brooke is classically and clinically trained. She has over two years specialized training in addictions and is also trained as a Holistic Integrative Life Coach. Brooke brings over 20 years of training and experience to every client. She integrates her clinical training and the model of Holistic Integrative Life Coaching into every session.

Following each appointment, integration work is provided in order to extend the work beyond the session.

Brooke is committed to creating a safe, inclusive environment designed to move through and transform occurrences such as depression, anxiety, addictions, grief and general stuckness or stagnation. These are just a few human experiences that catalyze the need for this work. Brooke truly looks forward to the opportunity to be a support partner on your journey.