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Build a Better You Before Jumping Into a Relationship

Schedule an individual intensive with Brooke Osterhoudt in Charlotte, NC

Do you want your relationship with your significant other to last for years to come? Are you hoping to deepen your connection with your partner even further? Brooke Osterhoudt believes you must be fully in tune with yourself before you can give your all to a partner. Work with her during an individual intensive to deal with your inner struggles and past traumas. You'll gain insight into your own strengths and weaknesses so that you're better prepared to overcome obstacles with your partner.

Let's work together to make your relationships great - starting with you. Sign up for an individual intensive with Brooke Osterhoudt in Charlotte, NC today.

Here's what we hope to achieve during our sessions

When you come to Brooke Osterhoudt for individual therapy sessions, she'll utilize psychotherapy techniques to treat your emotional disorder and improve your mental health. During your sessions, you can expect to:

  • Talk through your pain and suffering
  • Learn how to make small, positive changes in your life
  • Learn how to cope with setbacks and overwhelming situations
The goal of our individual therapy sessions is to help you improve your overall quality of life and achieve more satisfying relationships. After all, you won't be able to navigate feelings of disconnection, resentment and miscommunication with your partner if you can hardly do the same with your inner voice. Luckily, Brooke Osterhoudt is here to help you break through to your inner critic so you can take on life with confidence and ease.

A Couples Intensive could help strengthen your relationship

Once you're ready to start couples sessions with your partner, Brooke will do her best to create an inspiring environment for you to improve and expand your relationship. You can even spend two and a half days with Brooke doing deep, intensive, breakthrough work with your partner. These private workshops allow couples to work through issues that may otherwise take many months to overcome in a traditional hour-per-session model. The intensive workshop can be used as a catalyst for clarity and healing that may have resulted from disconnection or major injuries within the relationship. It may also be used as a means to ascend to your next level as a couple.

This bespoke program is written by Brooke and tailored to address your immediate needs and desired areas of growth. Your private Couples Intensive includes an interview process that will help Brooke to understand your specific needs and highlight the work to be delivered. It will then be created and scheduled to be completed over the course of a few powerful days.

If you are interested in doing a private two-day workshop with your partner, please contact Brooke directly to discuss your very own Couples Intensive.

Find out how you can benefit from therapy

When you choose to join Brooke Osterhoudt in Charlotte, NC for couples intensives, you can experience a number of positive benefits. Brooke Osterhoudt can help you develop a new perspective through an intensive workshop.

Depending on your goals, you may:

Learn coping and listening skills
Improve your communication skills
Strengthen the trust you have with your partner
Become more open to seeing each other's perspectives
Gain a better understanding of the dynamic of your relationship

You'll have a non-judgmental space to grow closer to your partner in a personalized couples intensive. Take the first step toward a better relationship by requesting an appointment with Brooke Osterhoudt.