When couples come to work with Brooke, they receive a vast body of tools and techniques to help create connection and deepen intimacy in the relationship. She is incredibly passionate about helping couples to overcome obstacles that sometimes get in the way of a great relationship.

Couples initiate therapy for many reasons including disconnection, infidelity, healing resentments, addictions, miscommunication, recurring fighting patterns or just wanting to collaborate to build a strong couple vision. Brooke believes that it is important that couples feel equally supported and safe in her office. She strives to create an inspiring environment for couples to improve and expand in their relationship.

Couples Intensives

In a crisis?
No time to come in every week?
Wanting fast and efficient results?
Looking for a deeper dive?

Come spend two and a half days with Brooke doing deep, intensive, breakthrough work with your partner. These private workshops allow couples to process through issues that may otherwise take many months to overcome in a traditional hour per session model. The intensive workshop can be used as a catalyst for clarity and healing that may have resulted from disconnection or major injuries within the relationship. It may also be used as a means to ascend to your next level as a couple.

This bespoke program is written by Brooke, tailored to address your immediate needs and desired areas of growth. Your private Couples Intensive includes an interview process that will help Brooke to understand your specific needs and highlight the work to be delivered. It will then be created and scheduled to be completed over the course of a few powerful days.

The experience will include opportunities to do deep breakthrough work as well as time to relax, indulge and have new experiences as a couple. You will receive tools to improve communication, understand how the past effects the present, and create a map for a renewed way of seeing and being with each other. These personalized seminars are written for you and your partner with a holistic approach, designed to integrate connection to each other Mind, Body and Spirit.

If you are interested in doing a private two-day workshop with your partner, please contact Brooke directly to discuss your very own Couples Intensive.